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In February 2013, Hartman–Imbriale settled for $750,000 a hotly contested wrongful death case of a young college man hit by a truck. The defendant was a Fortune 500 corporation represented by one of Atlanta’s most high powered law firms. They raised issues that our pedestrian decedent was crossing the road in the middle of the night outside of an available nearby crosswalk and that he tested positive for marijuana. He was also wearing dark clothing and the investigating police determined that the defendant driver was not at fault but rather our pedestrian was at fault.

As a testament to our keen investigative work, we took 35 depositions and fought multiple expensive defense experts on accident reconstruction, speed-reaction time, road construction and safety, and toxicology. In our effort to uncover the truth, we determined through the truck’s “black box” that the driver was speeding and swerved just prior to impact; and not that he didn’t have time to react like he told the police. We also revealed through expert time analysis that our decedent was not in fact physically impaired at the time of the collision.

Our firm worked tirelessly and devoted significant finances to prepare for trial in order to best represent our client’s wonderful family. That’s the Hartman–Imbriale way. Smart. Strong. Successful.

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