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Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta Ga

Hartman-Imbriale LLP has four offices around Atlanta, we gave a sizable and highly experienced staff, many settlements in the millions and we’re an award winning firm, so we want to be your personal injury lawyer Atlanta Ga.

Atlanta Ga – a Great Place to Live & Work

City of Atlanta Personal Injury LawyersAtlanta is a large suburb of Atlanta, many say the best, full of beautiful homes and families that want their kids to go to the best public schools and play in the best sports leagues. You can see all the soccer moms in their SUV’s and Minivans when you drive through. The businesses do a nice job and there are lots of things to do and choose from any given day.

The city of Atlanta keeps the community maintained well and it’s an extremely safe place to live by any standards. Because Atlanta has become so populated and busy, there are more accidents as well, it’s just part of life. With all that driving around, kids diving off diving boards, watching shows at the amphitheater, walking on the trails and going to the many medical out-patient clinics in the area…there are still a fair number of unexpected and unfortunate accidents.

98%+ of Accidents or Injuries Involve an Insurance Company

When something happens to you, your family or someone you know, there’s the initial shock and everyone is focused on getting medical care and doing the initial damage control.

Ultimately, as the process moves along, it isn’t even just about the negligent party or someone else involved in the accident owning up to the mistake or offering to make it right. Truth is, 98%+ of accidents ultimately involve either you or the other party’s insurance company doesn’t it?

Now we’ve all been paying in on multiple insurance policies for most of our lives, whether it’s for driving, home owner liability, fire insurance, life insurance or even through our and other people’s businesses. We do that to protect ourselves from the massive costs should something very bad happen either to us or by us, as we could never cover the costs directly ourselves. That’s the great part about insurance and insurance companies.

Old Atlanta Insurance Company LogoBut, when an actual accident happens, the insurance company is still in business to make a profit and they all to some extent have policies and lawyers on staff or retainer to keep from paying out any more than they have to. Now, this can become a real problem, since a). injured people don’t always think straight when dealing with the other party or their insurance b). the insurance company almost always tries to settle quickly for as little as possible, often leaving the injured party without enough money to really be “made whole” and c). since the ordinary person is not a specialist in these sorts of matters, they are often not only convince to settle for way less compensation, but even thank the insurance company for taking advantage since they were at least “nice about it”.

The Right Specialist: an Experienced & Reputable Personal Injury Lawyer

Now if you were sick, you would go to a doctor and then they would likely refer you to a specialist. If you have tax issues, you would go to your accountant and might also end up working with a tax specialist. So when such a big life event as you, your family or someone you love getting hurt happens as a result of something someone else did or didn’t do…why don’t we immediately think about getting a specialist to help us and be on our side?

You know the insurance companies already have many lawyers on staff and even more on call and retainer. They are armed up and ready to spend money to save money by keeping your insurance claim either as low as possible or at least well within reason. But who are they to decide what will make you whole, what will be fair?…they’re not impartial, they’re the ones that are going to have to pay. We can’t think of anyone worse to trust with deciding how much you should be compensated, can you?

How to Protect Yourself and Maximize Your Recovery…

Now once we get involve as your personal injury attorney, things immediately change in your favor:

a). you now have an attorney, someone on your side, so you can feel more comfortable and confident that you will be made whole, that your interests will be heard, that you won’t be shoo shoo’d…

b). you now have an attorney, someone to refer you to the best doctors and providers should you need them. Someone to help you gather, organize and keep up with all the billings and notes so that should you end up having to go to court, they’ll be fully prepared to maximize your outcome.

c). you have an attorney, someone who has a large and competent staff, who have handled more than a thousand personal injury cases and been doing it for 25+ years in the Greater Atlanta Ga Area.

d). you have an attorney, someone who will cover the full expense of your case, even including going to trial if needed and not get paid until they make sure you get paid and restored.

e). you have an attorney, that when you call, they and their staff will know your name and eventually recognize your voice, where you will be kept up to date on everything going on and they’ll often settle in months not years because they respect your and your family’s situation and position.

Your Personal Injury Attorney is here to Protect Your Interests, Period.

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Team PhotoLook over the rest of our website as time allows and decide what’s best for you and your family, but remember, putting off getting your own personal injury attorney can only increase your danger at this time, while taking action on this potentially life altering event is the best thing you can do to protect your and your family’s interests today.

To make it as easy as possible, we’ll review your case and situation with you for free and answer any and all questions you have. Call us now at 678-445-7423 to talk to one or our attorneys and we can start getting you the recovery you deserve and the peace that will let you sleep better tonight knowing you now have an “award winning” Atlanta personal injury lawyer and their team of specialists that are protecting YOUR INTERESTS 🙂