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A defective seatbelt caused partial paralysis to our client when she was in an accident in Cobb County. She was hit from behind and thrown under the console of her mini-van due to the seatbelt negligently unlatching during impact (this is called “negligent inertial unlatchment”).

If the seatbelt had stayed locked (as most seatbelts normally do), our client would not have suffered a fractured cervical spine which necessitated cervical surgery and resulted in her being a “quadriplegic incomplete” with limited use of her arms and legs. She required the use of a walker in order to mobilize. The case involved the use of several experts in seatbelt product defects, auto engineering and bio-mechanics in order to prove our case.

The major automobile manufacturer settled the case shortly before trial in 2005 for $1.5M. Moreover, the driver of the automobile that hit our client was found at the time to be Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI) thus we also obtained an additional $350,000 from State Farm and Progressive auto insurance (policy limits for this incident) to bring total recovery for our client to $1.85M.

We will fight for you in any Georgia county just as have fought as Cobb County accident lawyers.

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