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$14 Million Settlement for Tractor Trailer Death of Nursing Student

June 2016 $14 Million record settlement for Tractor-trailer death of Georgia Southern University nursing student by Total Transportation of Mississippi and US Express trucking companies for distracted truck driver sexting while driving. Our sweet client Morgan Bass was just 1 of 5 nursing students killed and 2 seriously injured in $80 Million total settlement for […]

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$1,915,000 – Car Accident Case Won | Personal Injury Attorney Cartersville Ga

Auto Accident Attorney Image

In 2016, our Car Accident Attorneys obtained maximum recovery in Bartow County for two Cartersville ladies, all within 8 months of the collision. They were hit by a careless driver who negligently pushed them into oncoming traffic. Normally, this size recovery takes several years of battle with stubborn insurance companies and their high-powered large law firm attorneys. We were able […]

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$2,100,000 – Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Page Image

Our motorcycle wreck lawyers in DeKalb County obtained maximum recovery for a middle-aged motorcycle rider, all within a year of the collision. He was hit by a careless teen car driver who negligently turned left into our client’s lane of travel. Normally, this size recovery takes several years of battle with stubborn insurance companies and […]

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$1,850,000 – Product Defect (Seatbelt)

Minivan Car Accident Image

A defective seatbelt caused partial paralysis to our client when she was in an accident in Cobb County. She was hit from behind and thrown under the console of her mini-van due to the seatbelt negligently unlatching during impact (this is called “negligent inertial unlatchment”). If the seatbelt had stayed locked (as most seatbelts normally […]

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$1,780,000 – Slip & Fall at Hampton Inn (Leaking A/C)

Man's Slip and Fall Case

Need good slip and fall lawyer in Georgia? We obtained a record verdict from a Hampton Inn motel due to leaking water from air conditioning units causing permanent injuries including post concussive syndrome, hearing loss and vision impairment. We obtained a record verdict in the small south Georgia county of Bulloch County. Our client only […]

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